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 Can I please have some help with navigation ideas for a family
history site I am putting together for my father: /

I am fleshing out the 'Strong Family' section of the site and I am
provisionally putting the whole story on 3 pages but they will each be
more than a little big :-). Not a problem with decent broadband but

I need therefore to divide these 3 pages into at least 6-8 pages and
make this section easily navigable, preferably not with a left, nested
navigation list (I think existing list has adequately provided
'global' navigation). Some ideas, not all good!!, are:

1. Table of Contents on each of the pages (such as: ) Ugly and cumbersome?
2. Decent sitemap (all pages categorically linked) This will happen
3. Hierarchical outline at the top of each page. Separated by | or >
with hyperlinks, backwards to home page as well as forward to end of
section (Strongs)
4. Leave the pages long, with anchor links from the top, and forget
about dial-up losers (Joke!!!!!!!!!!)
5. Find a good nested list (Listamatic). Not keen on adding complexity

 Thanks for any thoughts,


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