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could somebody please tell me how i can reduce the width of the tables
in my myspace profile like in this profile ( /

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Under "Customise my blog" there's an option to add your own stylesheet.  The
thing you need to learn then is CSS.  Or you could just copy his/hers.


Re: help with myspace

On Feb 9, 7:59 am, wrote:
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Myspace supplies you with a lot of code before you add a thing. The
code has over 100 validation errors. It is a strange mixture of table
structure, css structure, etc. Moreover they permit only certain types
of code, especially for media. If you use code they do not permit, it
often gets changed to something else, often not what you want. Thus,
even the best html coders are likely to have trouble with Myspace the
first time they try to add code to it. What many people do is to use
one of likely hundreds of templates available on the web for Myspace.
A Google search will turn up several sources. Also the various
discussion groups on Myspace can be helpful for the special code that
often must be used. They have a tute or two for making changes that
many people often ask about. When it comes to media such as audio and
video, you are miles ahead if you have it on your own web pages and
link Myspace to these. You will notice that many of the videos link to
YouTube and such. If you have your own pages that allow linking, you
can use just about any media format.

One of the largest problems I see on Myspace pages is that people tend
to put so much media on the pages that loading of a page is greatly
slowed down, even on broadband. It must take several minutes to load,
if the page will load at all, for some of the more extreme pages using

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