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I have a webpage I am creating for a client.  It is working just fine,
except that is has a balloon popup which uses a CSS, and must have the
DOCTYPE at the top of the page to work correctly.

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC '-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN'>

The issue is, when I put in the DOCTYPE, the alignment of the UL list
becomes centered, and I cannot find anything CSS or otherwise to
override the centering........when I remove the DOCTYPE, the UL list
looks fine, but the balloon does not pop up.

It looks fine in Firefox, but not in IE.  I am using IE7, and was
hoping someone can give me some help.

I can post any of the code you may need.   Anything that can help
would be appreciated......



Re: Help with alignment & DOCTYPE

Scripsit Mtek:

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We heard you the first time. In future, please post a question once
only, having composed it carefully. Hints:
1) "......" is not a sign of care
2) a URL is

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What is a balloon popup which uses a CSS? But I agree that it's
generally not fine to have such things.

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Huh? A DOCTYPE declaration is always required by HTML specifications.
But adding one to a page that does not otherwise comply with the specs
won't make things any better; rather the opposite, due to Quirks Mode,

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Why are you using XHTML? It's mostly a sign of cluelessness, as
explained in this group repeatedly. Hint: To avoid _looking_ clueless,
explain why you use XHTML when to have to admit you're using it.

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Apparently a Quirks Mode feature.

You have to decide: Quirks or "Standards" Mode?

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Do not post code. Post the URL without being asked to. But this won't
solve the basic problem: you are using broken HTML and/or CSS, and your
page relies on, i.e. uses Quirks Mode.

Jukka K. Korpela ("Yucca")

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