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Hello Everyone,

First of all let me thank you for your help.   Second of all a bit about the
problem.  I have a webpage that has an HTML form.  The point of the form is
to allow people to register for something online.  The problem is I have
people complaining that they can't used web based email address when sending
the form.  For example email addresses like gmail or hotmail.  I can't
figure out how to modify the form to make it possible.  The form is as



<body bgcolor="black" text="white" link="#f6b580" vlink="#c0c0ff">

<img src="logo.gif" width="324" height="104"alt="logo.gif (15760 bytes)">


<table border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" width="307" align="left">
    <td background="tableback.gif" height="25"><p

    <td><br>Please use this form to Pre-Register on or before March 31st,
    If it's April 1st just c'mon down to the con and register at the door
it'll be far
    faster.<br><br>All weekend: $22.00 pre-reg; $25.00 door<br>Per slot:
    $8.00<br>Banquet: $<br>Friday $10.00, Saturday $20.00, Sunday
$5.00<p>Note RPGA
    players please register here!<br><br></tr>
Submission" enctype="text/plain">

 <b>Name:</b><br> <INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="Name" SIZE="35"><br><br>

 <b>Age:</b><br> <INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="Age" SIZE="2"><br><br>

 <b>Mailing Address:</b><br> <INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="address"
 <b>City:</b><br> <INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="city" SIZE="35"><br><br>
 <b>Province/State:</b><br> <INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="province"
 <b>Postal/Zip Code:</b><br> <INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="Code"

 <b>Phone Number:</b><br> <INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="phone" SIZE="20"><br><br>

 <b>Email Address:</b><br> <INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="email"

 <br><br><STRONG>FRIDAY April 1st, 2 pm - 6 pm</strong> <br>
 First Choice: <INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="Fri_Slot1A" size="40"><br>
 Second choice: <INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="Fri_Slot1B" size="40"><br>

 <br><br><STRONG>FRIDAY April 1st, 7 pm -11 pm</strong> <br>
 First Choice: <INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="Fri_Slot2A" size="40"><br>
 Second choice: <INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="Fri_Slot2B" size="40"><br>

 <br><br><STRONG>SATURDAY April 2nd, 9 am - 1 pm</strong> <br>
 First choice: <INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="Sat_Slot1A" size="40"><br>
 Second choice: <INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="Sat_Slot1B" size="40"><br>

 <br><br><STRONG>SATURDAY April 2nd, 2 pm - 6 pm</strong> <br>
 First choice: <INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="Sat_Slot2A" size="40"><br>
 Second choice: <INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="Sat_Slot2B" size="40"><br>

 <br><br><STRONG>SATURDAY April 2nd, 7 pm - 11 pm</strong> <br>
 First choice: <INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="Sat_Slot3A" size="40"><br>
 Second choice: <INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="Sat_Slot3B" size="40"><br>

 <br><br><STRONG>SUNDAY April 2nd, 9 am - 1 pm </strong> <br>
 First choice: <INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="Sun_Slot1A" size="40"><br>
 Second choice: <INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="Sun_Slot1B" size="40"><br>

 <br><br><STRONG>SUNDAY April 2nd, 2 pm - 6 pm </strong> <br>
 First choice: <INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="Sun_Slot2A" size="40"><br>
 Second choice: <INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="Sun_Slot2B" size="40"><p><br>

    If you have any comments that you would like to add please do so:<br>
 <TEXTAREA NAME="Comments" ROWS=6 COLS=35></TEXTAREA> <br><br>

    <INPUT TYPE="image" SRC="submit.gif" HEIGHT="33"# WIDTH="159" BORDER=0
ALT="Picture Button">


    <td align=center><br><br><h6> <a href="main.html">Home</a> | <a
href="location.html">Location</a> | <a href="games.html">Games</a> | <a
href="register.html">Register</a> | <a href="survey.html">Survey</a> | <a
    <h6> <br>




Can someone give me a hint on how I can modify it to allow for hotmail and
gmail accounts and still keep it realitively pure HTML?


Re: Help With a Form

in alt.html, Jeff Dunnett wrote:
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Lauri Raittila < <
Utrecht, NL.

Re: Help With a Form

Jeff Dunnett wrote:
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Quoted text here. Click to load it

Unfortunately, the problem is the very use of "mailto:..." URLs within
the action attribute of the <FORM>. It's a highly discouraged practice,
for reasons just like the one you've discovered.

If you want this sort of interactivity, by far the most efficient and
reliable way is to use server-side handling, such as ASP, PHP or Perl.


Re: Help With a Form

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Don't use action="mailto:...", use a server side script.


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