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Salve a Tutti ho questa Form su una pagina web
Volevo chiedere se qualcuno mi dice come inviare la stringa di
o meglio in che sequenza inviare i dati della Form

Hello All I have this form over a webpage
I wanted to ask if someone tells me how to send the string connection
Or rather what sequence send data Form
Grazie in anticipo

<form method="POST" action=" " name="eedacfdad"
OnSubmit="return wait();">
                <td width="15%" style="padding-left: 10px">
                <img border="0" src=""
width="15" height="17" alt="" /></td>
                <td width="85%">
                <input maxlength="30" value="" name="0b0db7b29c68fe3b" size="19"
                <td style="padding-left: 10px">
                <img border="0" src=""
width="15" height="17" alt="" /></td>
                <input size="19" name="3a99ae19608ef098" maxlength="40"
                <td style="padding-left: 10px; padding-top: 5px"></td>
                <td style="padding-top: 5px"><div id="hidethis" style="display:
inline;"><input type="submit" value="Loggati!" name="login"></div><div
id="waittext" style="display: none;">Aspetta...</div></td>
"<input name="action" value="login" type="hidden">input
value="zWvO2KSlm8any6uVmJdrxQ==" type="hidden"><input
value="zWqj2NKll8SpmdlmaWyUkw==" type="hidden"><input
type="hidden">input name="2a62d1ddd25c3c3fa8bacd3e1b25bc09"
value="zGmjp5pyMnUlq1klpZqkg==" type="hidden">"

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