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I do not know a lot about html but have taught myself enough to create a
simple web page which contains a Form and several  (different) Inputs. My
question is about what to do with the variables that are defined by the
choices the user selects?
My Problem specifically is this:
    I do NOT want to run this html document on a server! I only want it to
run locally on my own machine. Is there a way to use the variables without
passing to a CGI program?
I can post the code here if it helps, but put simply I want to open a number
of excel spreadsheets based on users preferences and if possible activate a
number of vba macros within these spreadsheets. Is this possible or am I
barking (up the wrong tree)?
Any Help would be gratefully received, even if its to tell me its not
possible, as I have spent many hours trawling html tutorials but to no

Re: Help needed with a

Fred Flintstone wrote:
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you cannot 'do' anything with HTML.  What you need to search for is "client
side scripting" and similar.  What you are trying to achieve is very much
doable on a windows box.

William Tasso -

Re: Help needed with a

Thanks for the advice, now you've pointed me in the right direction I can
see what I'll be doing for the next two weeks. There is lots more to this
than first meets the eye.
Just when I think I'm getting an idea of what I'm doing I get knocked back
down again and realise I don't really know anything at all. Not to worry, if
I don't persevere I'll never get there.
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