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Hi All,

I need several things in HTML or Javascript. It canNOT be a server side
script, it is for a standalone project in HTML ONLY!

PAGE 1 is a simple blank page where there will be an so that if
the screen is clicked it goes to PAGE 2. There will be a delay of 3
seconds while it says PLEASE WAIT.

PAGE 2 has a one line form (the form has a validation scheme and the OK
button will only be able to be pressed once a certain amount of digits -
11 for a phone number are inserted, only then will it work) with OK
button that goes to the next page. I need capabilities of invisible
(that means that the OK button will be invisible). The password is a
phone number which needs to show up as stars (*). A delay of 3 seconds
will route it to PAGE 3. The data entered in here has to add to any
existing data on a separate line in a plain text file, located in the
same directory.

PAGE 3 is done.

I am willing to do all the work, so need help and scripts to start off
with. Shouldn't take more than 20 minutes.

If anybody can help me with it, it would be much appreciated.


Re: help needed JScript/HTML forms...

Jonathan (Pickles) Sklan-Willis wrote:

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It is extremely unlikely that you'll be able to do this with Javascript.
Client scripts are generally unable to modify files.

You may have better luck using proper Java.

Toby A Inkster BSc (Hons) ARCS
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Re: help needed JScript/HTML forms...

Toby Inkster wrote:
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And how would I do that? Any suggestions?

Re: help needed JScript/HTML forms...

Jonathan (Pickles) Sklan-Willis wrote:
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You will have to write a Java applet to do this, and that is no easy job
at all. Java is a full on application language, not a scriptkiddie
scripting language like JavaScript or server side scripting. But it's
pretty much the only choice you have, and even then you may be stuck.
For a lot of really good reasons, browsers have a "sandbox" in which web
pages and page scripts are run. You cannot run a script inside that
sandbox that accesses anything OUTSIDE of the sandbox. Basically, the
sandbox is ONLY the contents of that browser window - you cannot access
anything outside of the browser at all (such as files etc) except in
specific ways (file uploads, reading and writing cookies or controlling
poped-up browser windows (which then have their own sandboxes too)). To
get around it, you write a program (not a script) which can be run from
a web page in something like Java. Programs CAN run outside of the
sandbox as the user specifically has to install software for it to work
- for example, for Java to run you have to first install the Java
Virtual Machine (about 20mb minimum) and then download your applet
written in Java too. Another way is to write an ActiveX plugin (in
Visual C or an .NET programming language), but these will only work in
IE and no other browsers.

All in all... you simply cannot do what you're asking. It involves
either IE specific technology (ActiveX), a big fat download (Java) +
learning a full programming languages whichever one you choose. Even
THEN, there is no promise it'd work... the user may not have Java
installed... or may have tight security that means ActiveX plugs cannot
be downloaded... or maybe they're using a browser that doesn't support
ActiveX (20% of people).


x theSpaceGirl (miranda)

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Re: help needed JScript/HTML forms...

SpaceGirl wrote:
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The computer it will be run on can have anything I decide to put on it.
The copying to a .txt file is not the most important part of the
project, the rest is more important, can the rest be done in JScript &
HTML? and if Yes, how?


Re: help needed JScript/HTML forms...

SpaceGirl wrote:

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Every version of Windows from Windows 95 until Windows XP SP1 included the
Microsoft Java Virtual Machine.

Since Windows XP SP1a came out, I've bought about 6 desktop boxes, all of
which have the Sun Java Runtime Environment pre-installed by the OEM.

I should be getting another three installed today (from a different OEM)
-- I'll get back to you to tell you if it's preinstalled on that too.

Toby A Inkster BSc (Hons) ARCS
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