Help me confirm a bug in IE 8 b1

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Dear alt.html and comp.infosystems.www.authoring.stylesheets

I am a IE 8 beta tester and I have submitted a bug that appears to be
difficult to confirm, according to IE dev. team.

What you can do:

Visit with IE 8 beta 1: =

Steps to reproduce: Hover the mouse over the link and then over the
image and tell me if the "Steps" text moves, shifts up and down. I
would appreciate a clear answer.

Note: I have Tools/Internet Options/Advanced tab/Browsing category/
Underline links/Hover radio button checked . I am not sure if this is
crucial in order to reproduce the bug.

If you can, then could you also do the same (with IE 8 beta 1) for =

Thank you for your cooperation and your time,

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G=E9rard Talbot
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