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         I've just recently taken over as webmaster for a magazine
called Barhopper, My question is this, The
webmaster that they had before removed all of the user information.
This information we are hoping we can get back from the Server company
we are using.  The site was created with Frontpage 2002
         I'm a photographer by trade and creating a basic page is easy
for me,  
         In the Barhopper site. You'll go to the paid area .
allacess.html  .. If the information we have cannot be restored, How
can I, add username & password entry to this page?

Thank You..


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OT: Photos. (was Re: HELP ?!?!?!?!)

While the city slept, BlackBayou ( feverishly typed...
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From : "These are low resolution
scans of contact sheets, the real pictures are MUCH sharper"

Why don't you put some decent quality scans of your pictures up then? If you
are a "photographer by trade" then surely you care enough about your
pictures to do that?

Just my thought...


Nigel Moss
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Re: HELP ?!?!?!?!

BlackBayou wrote:

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"If you have a slow internet connection
Click Here to Skip past the Shockwave."

How patronising. I have a 2meg connection, hardly slow, but I still clicked

A ton of people use 56k dialup, if your site doesn't work on that speed of
connection it is because of incompetent design. Why would any company
insult their customers in this way?

Why does the site need 1024x768? On my desktop I have 1600x1200, on my phone
something like 200x200. If your site doesn't look right on both I'm not

In short, the site is needs a **total** redesign, by someone who knows
(x)html and css, not using crappy tools like Frontpage.

Frontpage is simply not suitable for creating good webpages.
My advice is the learn (x)html and css, and then learn another
tool/programming language that builds it. The second step isn't strictly
necessary, but will help in the long run, even if the site is just static
pages. It will cut down on a lot of copying/pasting.

I like Perl CGI, but PHP, Python, XSLT and ASP are good choices too.

If it sounds like too much work to learn, how about paying someone who knows

Re: HELP ?!?!?!?!

I farted.

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