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I was wondering if anyone would be able to offer me some information. I have
very limited web design skills, in fact, hardly any. I want to add a page on
to my already existing site for pictures for my family and friends to view.
I would like a slide show sort of thing where there is a box in the middle
and you can click to forward onto the next one. The main key for me is that
it shouldn't take long to load, that is where I am having problems. I want
to just get someone to do the basic design for me so I can update or take of
pictures as I please. How much should this cost?  Is there anywhere I could
get hold of some kind of template that would do it for me? Please help......



Paul Boyd wrote:
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Hi Paul,

Why don't you have a look at

I found a number of free programs that will generate a photo album there
under CNET -> Downloads -> Windows -> Web Developer -> Web Design Utilities. =

Some of the commerical programs that I have used that generate slide shows
or image galleries are ACDSee and Jasc Photo
Album /.  Both of these have a free

Good luck!


Hey Thanks Nik, it worked a treat. Very much appreciated. Paul.

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Utilities. =
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Paul Boyd wrote:

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Tell ya what Paul, I'll do it all for you, for 2 (UK Pound) through



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If you've got PHP with GD2 you can have the scripts I use (I wrote
them).  The thumbnails are created on the fly - all you have to do is
upload your images to a suitably named folder and the scripts will
take care of the rest, including creating an index document (in
real-time) showing the first five thumbnails in a gallery, recursive
directory browsing, and adding a "credits" line to a directory.

It doesn't matter what size the images are when you upload them - the
script will resize them to a width that you provide.  Configuration of
the scripts involves changing the values of up to two variables.




Paul Boyd wrote in message...
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family ..

Here's a useful resource, which *might* help ...

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