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Re: height="100%"

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Possible I suppose, but I think it would be difficult to make a
conforming browser with a non-rectangular viewport.

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Indeed-- they can always put those on BODY again and if they want more
turtles can just add more DIVs.

You can simulate a non-rectangular viewport using floats (see Meyer's
"slantastic" demo etc.). You'd need to put all those floats inside a
fixed position and overflow: scroll container.

Re: height="100%"

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Yes, turtles in that direction is easy to understand. It is claims that
there are turtles in the other direction (meaning no ultimate root) that
might raise eyebrows <g>

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I am a bit of a dabbler in div art myself, it's a lot of fun.


OT: height="100%"

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Do you not trust your news reader?=20

Do you think that it shows my message as having an attachment because
of the way I choose to mark up a url?=20

I suppose anything is possible. However if I were you, I would trust
the news reader, as it may know best.=20

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Re: OT: height="100%"


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From your headers:
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This is a binary attachment. Your x-face is fine.
pgp signatures should be sent as ascii text.

Re: height="100%"

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0%"/> the with would span the entire width of its container but the height
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100% height is 100% of the actual picutre size, so if its 200 pixels
high, then your image will display 200px high if you say 100%. It will
not stretch to fill 100% height of the container it is in.

Also, the 100% height property of say table cells doesn't function if
you have any DOCTYPE tag set at the top of your page as its regarded
as an invalid tag in the specification for the doctype.

If you want it to fill the container, then you need to set it in
pixels to whatever the height of the container is. If your container
is of a variable height then you will need some javascript to manually
set the height of the image using the onLoad=3D"" event of the body tag.

If it was a div for example then your onload code needs to do
something like document.getElementById('imgID').height =


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