Hebrew encoding in the mailto link

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I'm using mailto tag to send a mail with a subject.
<a href=mailto:me@mymail.com?subject= etc.

The language I use is Hebrew and the problem varying from user to
Some of the user that click the link see the subject in Hebrew and
some see it as gibberish.

Is there a way to force the subject to appear in Hebrew?
Can I use a CSS tags on the a href to force it?
I use the Hebrew meta tag in the header.

Please advice


Re: Hebrew encoding in the mailto link

Scripsit CrisRobin:

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That's invalid markup. The attribute value must be quoted.

The ?subject hack used to be a major source of confusion and
malfunction, but these days it's probably well-supported as such (and
formally OK).

However, this does not change the fact that the character repertoire in
URLs (which is what the mailto: stuff is) is restricted to a subset of
US-ASCII, at least unless so-called URL encoding aka % encoding is

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Confusion overflow. There are no tags in CSS, CSS cannot force anything,

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That's all Greek to us unless you tell what you really have. Well, some
of might make some educated guesses about tag that specifies a so-called
Hebrew _encoding_.

Consider including a URL if you have a problem with a specific page or

Jukka K. Korpela ("Yucca")

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