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Good Morning,

I have a reasonably simple site hat I've started to organize a bit
better. Most everything was in the main directory, same as the index
file. I use a header and footer PHP include on every page and just
realized that the links in my header file give a 404 error.
From the index page I link to /dogs/poodles/poodles.php
In poodles.php i include:
<?php include("../../header.php"); ?>
The ../../ get the header file from the main directory of the site.

So now the hader thinks the other site files are in the poodles
directory when in reality most are still in the same as index.

My solution is to have multiple header files like:
<?php include("header.php"); ?>
<?php include("../header1.php"); ?>
<?php include("../../header2.php"); ?>
<?php include("../../../header3.php"); ?>
and then inside of each header file rework the links. This would work
and pick how deep the calling file is. But this would be dumb as I
would have to change 4 header files.

I have an older HTML4 book but it doesn't really touch on this. Am I
missing something amazingly simple?


Re: Header link advice

On Sep 21, 2:09 am, Confused but working on it
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Check out this link:
I hope that helps.
Regards Chad. http://freewebdesign.awardspace.biz

Re: Header link advice

Confused but working on it wrote:
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  Another option is to define a base directory variable in a common file
that all pages include:

  $phpbase = '/path/to/root/of/php/code/';

Then all includes are accessed by:
include($phpbase . 'file.php');

  The advantage here is the option to have other common or global
variables defined in <base-paths.inc> that may not be related directly to PHP.

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Re: Header link advice

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Thanks for your time. This is a bit of thinking out loud as I'm not
proficient with php.

I use:
<?php include("header.php"); ?> and also one for the footer, in all of
my files.

So in every file after <body> use the require like:
<?php require(('/path/to/base-paths.inc');
    $phpbase = '/path/to/root/of/php/code/'; ?>

Then call my header file,
footer call

I'm not understanding the include($phpbase and the concatenation to file.php

Just came back from a few days in Vegas so maybe a bit slow. :)


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