having a problem with scrolling frames as if no frames

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A guy designed our band website using dreamweaver. I thought
I'd play around and see if I could do something similiar using
frames in more straight html. But I am having a problem with scrolling.
way he did the website, there are 3 sections of the page
which I tried to make into 3 frames. Frame A is a large composite
image composed of 4 gifs. Frame B is a menu where you click on
options such as to listen to our music etc. Frame C is the
area that displays what you selected from the menu.
Frame A goes off the page to the right and frame C goes
off the page downward so you have to use scroll bars as shown.
When I use frames I can get scrollbars but they appear on the
frame borders rather than on just the outside of the window
as when there are no frames. The frame scrolling makes the website
look less cool I think and I don't know if the guys in the band would
it that way. I have been trying to make the frames invisible by
having no borders at all etc. I'd like to be able to make it scrollable
the normal way
as if without frames, with just two scroll bars on the edges of the
I'm not sure there is a way to do this ? If I take out the frame
there is no way to scroll at all and anything that goes off of
the browser pane you can't see at all.

|           Frame A                         | S
|                                                | C
|                                                | R
|------------------------------------------------  O
| Frame B |                                 |
| about     |          Frame C           |  L
| bio         |                                 |  L
| music    |                                 |
S  C   R   O   L   L

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