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hi there, ive just submitted http;// to
alt.html.critique and theyve gone off on a rant about the similarities
between moz firebird and ie ???

i am looking for feedback on this pages 'accessibility' and would appreciate
comments and tips on keyboard based navigation of the page as the second
level of tabs hide/show divs!.



Re: GUI Crit

Quoted text here. Click to load it

All the navigation links sit on top of each other in Opera 7 unless I
turn CSS off.

Right old mess in Netscape 4, if this is for a public facing web site
I would hide all (or almost all) the CSS from NN4 so they get a plain
but functional version.

Keyboard navigation, In IE6 when tabbing through the links the top row
of links are accessed right to left, which isn't a problem per se but
did confuse me for a moment.

Keyboard access to the content sections via the second level nav
worked okay in IE6 (with JS and CSS enabled) and in Opera (with JS and
CSS disabled).

However, if JavaScript is disabled but CSS enabled then the content of
the divs is totally inaccessible. Have them all visible by default,
and use JS to hide them, rather than hard coding the initial hiding
into the basic CSS.


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