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Re: Graphics in Web pages

Toby Inkster enlightened us with:
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Ooooh... I'm _so_ going to try that out! Of course I also have to make
sure the kernel doesn't mount the root partition read-only by default,
because running 'mount' to remount it r/w doesn't count as *nothing*
else :)

The problem with the world is stupidity. Not saying there should be a
capital punishment for stupidity, but why don't we just take the
safety labels off of everything and let the problem solve itself?

Re: Graphics in Web pages


My suggestions would be:

1) Buy Photoshop (with ImageReady) and learn how to use those. (They
can export your images to the correct html tables and whatnot)
2) Visit LOTS of web sites and read TONS of magazine ads. Bookmark &
clip the ones that you think look good.
3) Ask yourself and analyze WHY something looks good.
4) Try to pay special attention to spacing and alignment of text &
5) Avoid "GOING NUTS" with font usage. That's a sure way to set off
the amateur alarm.
6) REMEMBER: Simplicity and readability speak VOLUMES
7) Enjoy the ride. Five Years from now, you'll look back at your
proudest work and scream "WHAT WAS I THINKING?!?!?!?!?!"   :)


Re: Graphics in Web pages

Jey Gifford wrote:
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Roy... you must be bad in Photoshop!

These samples are very, very average.

Just few actions and you could do magic in Photoshop.

And in some sites you could d/load them for free.

Re: Graphics in Web pages

Some tips...

1 Photoshop/ImageReady: Use these to make decent images/buttons/menus.
ImageReady can slice an image up into links and do some stuff that can
really save you time.
2. Dreamweaver MX: A quick an easy way to format everything. MS Word will
put ALOT of extra stuff into a html page for formatting.
3. Stylesheets: By far the best way of getting some consistancy onto your

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Re: Graphics in Web pages

Henry wrote:

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These are _not_ logos I designed. Think of them as a basic templates (have
you read the text at the top of this thumbnails page?).

Roy Schestowitz

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