Graphic copyrights & morale issues

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i have no imagination. For making a half-way acceptable banner, i have
collected lots of pictures, pirated lots of graphic stuff, copyrighted
or not (i didn't read all the footnotes while collecting). On the free
photo sites, free pic data banks, one find not allways the stuff one
need (for example i wanted a woman hand, writing with a nice
pen...) .  I will never dare to use the "stolen" material because it's
nasty to do so, even re-worked, and the people will notice it and
laught. But OTOH i can't do as good as they, because doing
professional graphics is a big work. For example how will i get my
women hand writing ? i have not such a hand, i have no photo studio,
no model...etc. Also a carte of europe. i have some, but it isn't
*mine* !



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Talent borrows, genius steals.

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You don't need to steal stuff. You can find an excellent web site
design at Open Source Web Design < and any
additional free graphics you might want at Stock.XCHNG
< . Yes, they have a free, woman hand
writing at Stock.XCHNG
and several ways to map Europe
< .

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Let me jog your imagination. Got a digital camera? If not, get
one. Know any women? France is full of women, many with beautiful
hands and there are no shortages in writing implements. It short
circuits a lot of searching because you can often get pretty
exactly what you want. (Why, only the other day, I had a
desperate need of a pic of a little red car and used my own toy


Re: Graphic copyrights & morale issues

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Read Wikicommons and the Creative Commons sites. Both sites list some
useful search engines for you.

It's easier to use a search engine that understands how to search only
those images that are available to you, than it it to find a large
number of images that you like, then to try and identify what the
status of each one is.

There are plenty of suitable images available that _do_ permit the
sort of re-use you need. There's no longer any real need to breach

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