Grand Unified Problem Solver - Changed, Please Critique

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Hi Folks,
    I have considerably changed the Grand Unified Problem Solver at - let me know whether you have any ideas for
- Jeff

Re: Grand Unified Problem Solver - Changed, Please Critique

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IMHO.... (And please don't take any of this too harshly!)

First off... ditch the frameset. It's not really providing you with anything
that you haven't already achieved at: /, and is
just extra, unnecessary complication in my view.

I'd use the above page as your home page.

...and for the love of your chosen deity(!), ditch Frontpage as your
editor... blurrgh, or at least remove the evidence from the source markup

Next off, give your pages a doctype so you can check the validity of your
markup, then fix the errors you find reported at:
(you can find out about doctypes from there too). Once that's fixed up, you
should give some thought to accessibility concerns (which I haven't done a
thorough analysis of).

You've hard coded all the styles, colors etc used. You might like to give
some thought in seperating out style from content by converting those
styling bits into CSS, and storing those as seperate files (Read up about
Cascading Styling Sheets). This might help with some of the accessibility
issues too.

Next up... you've made some headings. This is good and helps to provide
visual and semantic cognitive navigation aids for the user. BUT... you
should use heading HTML elements to identify these rather than <p> tags with
styling. Time to read up about semantic markup!

...and as a styling point (and this is just my opinion, so no correspondence
please!), centered text, including headings, are kinda clunky and

Another style point... I find the background image too complex and
distracting from the main body of information presented on each page, and
it's a little dark and gloomy for my taste.

I think there's plenty of work just in these few comments, so I'll leave it

Nice idea for a site, BTW.

If you want to take this discussion of the NG, and would like some
professional help, please let me know via the NGs, and I'll email you

Good luck!

Re: Grand Unified Problem Solver - Changed, Please Critique

On Fri, 16 Jan 2009 18:00:37 -0800 (PST), javawizard

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Remove the left frame .....

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