Google entry page in HTML5 (sort of)

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The main Google entry page at changes from day to
day depending on the top page image used, etc. However it is fairly
short and uncluttered compared to many major organization web pages.
To be specific, I thus will refer to the July 4, 2010, page.

If you take the page to the w3c html validator, it gets validated as
html5. However even for this short page, there are 37 validation
errors. Most of these errors would also be errors in html 4. The code
looks like something out of the 90s. But it gets worse. If you try to
validate at w3c as css, you find that no style sheet is found. However
it does complain about 4 XML links.

There is much to be admired about some of the things Google does.
However I consider the code on their entry page a mess, one of the
worst I have seen on a major organization page. I also wonder why they
use javascript. Is this one of those rare cases where server side
script such as php will not work.

Re: Google entry page in HTML5 (sort of)

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Make that  :-).

Re: Google entry page in HTML5 (sort of)

cwdjrxyz wrote:

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The JavaScript is what drives all those 'suggestions' in the dropdown as
you type into the search text box. The results may/do change with every
letter you type. It would be hard to do that server-side.

You wouldn't see the suggestions if you have JavaScript disabled.

Re 90s code:  it's all compressed - and yes, that makes it extremely
hard to follow.

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Re: Google entry page in HTML5 (sort of)

Beauregard T. Shagnasty wrote:
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And I can only suppose that their technique (compression) originated at
a time when dial-up was prevalent.  It hardly matters for most
now-a-days so they probably ought to clean it up.  Lord knows they have
enough money to do it right.  Again, I don't care since it works but it
does bug me in terms of it being sloppy and indicative of a "so what"
attitude.  But, of course, I doubt any coders at Google read these
groups! Or care what anyone else thinks.  Too bad because it is, in many
ways, an admirable company. :-)

Ed Mullen
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Re: Google entry page in HTML5 (sort of)

cwdjrxyz wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

While I admire the concept of validation this is a prime example of why
it's no panacea.  My question for you (after your comments) is:

Does any browser of yours have any trouble displaying or using  None of mine do - SeaMonkey 1.x, SM 2.x, Firefox 1.x, 2.x,
3.x, Opera since at least 8 thru current, IE 6, 7 and 8, Safari in all
versions thru current, on Windows XP and 7.

All of the validation errors at are trivial and shouldn't
cause any browser to hiccup.

While I care to make my pages validate I don't much care if sites I
visit do as long as they render well and work. From a purist point of
view, do I wish Google took the time and effort to validate?  Sure.
Does it, ultimately, from a usage standpoint, matter?  No.

Ed Mullen
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