Good website ref to start learning PHP

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Anyone have a good reference as per the subject line?

Consider me an absolute beginner. Bonus points if the lessons are in some
sort of organized "bite" size chunks rather than one long rambling



Re: Good website ref to start learning PHP

On Sat, 14 Jun 2008 20:41:53 GMT, "Kabuki Armadillo"

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Why not posting this on alt.php ?

Re: Good website ref to start learning PHP

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Good to know. I'll do that. . .


Re: Good website ref to start learning PHP

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Since php mainly is used for web pages, the starting point is a good
knowledge of html 4.01strict. If you know basic html fairly well, then
it is time to consider php, or perhaps other languages, that will help
you extend what you can do on web pages or aid in doing certain things
in a better or more efficient method.

There are many books concerning php. I have 3 books on the subject,
but I have not reviewed the many books available and what book might
be best for an individual is difficult to say without knowing the
details of their background. I will give you a few hints in selecting
a book. First, is the book up to date? The publication date helps, but
a statement that php 5.x is included helps you avoid reprints of books
from the dark ages. If you learn best by using actual examples of
code, look for a book with many examples. Also some of these have code
they discuss online so you can avoid wasting a lot of time by having
to copy code examples by hand. Also check groups that are concerned
mainly with php, such as alt.php already mentioned to you. Some groups
have faqs that help you select a book and mention other resources.

After you read a general discussion of what php is about, decide on
what you would like to use it for to start. Perhaps you would like to
use php for forms, for example. Then, after reading about very basic
code, you can concentrate on the chapter concerning forms. You might
delay discussions of how php is installed on a server if you have a
server available with php installed.

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