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Re: Gone dotty

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Sorry William, should have mentioned,
Scroll down to the bottom of the linked page above to get direct to the
example stuff.

The dot notation in an URL or uri is used to separate labels. e.g.
in this case level 3, 2 and 1 in the domain list.

In some instances dots in the path part of the url as in
will be stripped by some applications to read /mydir1/myfile.html or

So probably best to avoid - ie rename the file

Also it is interesting to note that the dot is an 'unreserved' character.

Re: Gone dotty

Bill Logan wrote:
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On this occaision - I'm so glad ;o)

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I just spent 10 minutes (not including the time spent page-scanning),
composing a reply to your last - oh well, it seems there is general
agreement that dots can be used as I want to use them so I guess I'm a happy

William Tasso - http://WilliamTasso.com

Re: Gone dotty

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Boy it IS one of those days!
I would also like to be a happy bunny  . . . . . but . . . . .
Spent most of the day fixing the car, finally discovered the problem was a
blocked fuel filter hidden underneath the fuel tank. Not cleanable - must be
replaced, then I realised GST (vat to the poms) was due two days ago - if it
was not the weekend the tax people would have already sent an assessment for
around $40,000 (they tend to go overboard with assessments just to get your
attention) and YOU want to talk about dots!

excuse me I think I will just fade away into the background. . . . . ..
thank God tomorrows Monday.

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