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Another new site uploaded, although in prototype form for the moment:


I will want to upgrade this to a serious platform later, but this site
might be good for the next twelve months and is all part of the learning
process. I guess wordpress is going to be the obvious choice. Is there
any reason to look at the others, joomla etc.? I will need to upgrade it
because I want to be able to include user uploads, forum comments and
stuff which will require mySQL and more serious add-ons than I have here.

I had tried to make my life difficult by using a different cms here but
ran into difficulties with user contributed modules which didn't really
work without tinkering, so I am back with pluck cms. The main work I did
here was to make the theme - not from scratch, but by pretty much
rebuilding an existing one. The design is adapted from something which I
think originated in wordpress, subsequently adapted for GetSimple CMS
and finally altered by me.

Anyway - no particular problems to solve here that I am aware of but
really appreciate it if you would care to take a look, test it out, give
me some feedback while I get round to putting some more content in.


Tim W

Re: Going website mad now

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Although it takes a few clicks of enlarging on zoom text only, there
are a few things that get broken. Probably due to so much px
specification in the CSS. When text is enlarged under zoom text only
(see Firefox View menu for details or my still unfinished:



The text will break out of the pixel boxes and they will not obey
font-sizes set in pixels (except in some IE browsers. I think older
ones but still in use). So, tyhat is one area you can look to
strengthen and improve your CSS, use em units instead.

About pre and wrapping, the idea is that it appears like it is typed,
if this is not what you want, you don't use pre or you type it


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