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I want to be able to have photos/images appear in the body of the email in
certain places adjacent to certain text.

This is something I have seen in email that I RECEIVE.

I am not referring to attachments. I am not referring to embedded links out
of the email system to some photo/image on a server that needs the cleint to
click on it to view the photo/image. I am referring to a photo/image that is
visible in the email as the client is reading the text without any action
the the clients part.

I use Yahoo as an email client.

Is this something thatcan be done ONLY with certain email client software?
How does one do this?

Re: Getting photos into email

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It's HTML, and the image you are seeing is being pulled off of the
sender's server.  Yahoo, and other web based email, has the option to
not display images, and that's a good thing.  You see, when an image on
another server appears in your email, the other server takes a hit,
showing the referer, in this case, you.  It's a way to track email.  I
have both my web based, and my email client, set to not show images
(unless it is something that I am expecting).

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Re: Getting photos into email

How does one get HTML CODE into email without it being displayed just as
CODE, such as <BR> instead of doing a line break?

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Re: Getting photos into email

rfr wrote:
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Your email client has to support HTML formated email.

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Yahoo is webmail, not an email client. All done in the browser. What
capabilities is has is up to yahoo. Try yahoo support pages.

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