Gecko background image woes.

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Hey, I was working on this site for a client. It seems to work fine in a
variety of browsers, and I've adhered closely to web standards. Everything
isn't total Zen... I mean there are fixed fonts and stuff. But it's pretty
good so far.

Anyway, in Gecko based browser the background images have loads of problems.
When the page is first loaded (nothing in cache) the backgrounds don't
render fully. But if you scroll about a bit they draw themselves back in.
This doesn't happen if the images are cached. So if you delete the cache,
restart the browser, and load the page, the same thing happens. The
backgrounds won't come in fully till you scroll.

Here's the page in question: /

Any ideas? I really can't figure out why it's doing it. A friend suggested
that it's a known bug in Gecko. Any work arounds?

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