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I want to set up a simple garage sale type website for a local city.  I want
items to be listed like a classified section in a news paper.  I'd like a
simple input page and then another page with item in generalized categories.
I'm not sure where to start.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks

Re: Garage sale website

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Google "Web site developers" and your local city name, and call one of
the companies that comes up.  That is your best bet.

Second choice would be to run through several of the tutorials on  Then come back if you still have questions.  Based on
your question, you would probably not understand any of the answers that
you would receive before running through the tutorial.
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Re: Garage sale website

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Thanks I'll check it out.  I do know some basic html and have the domain and
space already set up.  is one I did while learning.. Thanks again.

Re: Garage sale website

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You'll want to make this work in HTML alone first. You're going to need a
server-side solution to actually handle the form results and create your
pages from the submitted information. PHP might be the best bet. If you
have no experience in programming, you might do well to shop this out to
someone who already does. Don't do this in Javascript, that's not going to
be dependable for this application.

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