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Hi All
 I'm making a community web site. What is the best way to put
games on a site? Been looking at GAMEHOUSE ect is that the best
way to go.  TIA mike

Thank-you Jan

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Thanks Jan will look into it.   mike

Re: Thank-you Jan

netnut ... output:

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If you like that idea you might wanna set up a bot who can explain the rules
to the players: ... they won a price with artificial intelligence

I think that is more than a simple egg drop script.


Thanks Jan

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Bookmarked that page. Looks COOL! netnut

Re: Thanks Jan [prev: Games on my site]

netnut wrote:

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*ggg* - a pic from a telephone boot with webcam, why did you bookmark

I found another flash game.
I placed it here:


Re: Games on my site

netnut wrote:
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Decide what you mean by "put games on a site":

(a) provide game software for people to download
(b) create online games that run in the web browser
(c) provide rules/materials for non-computer games
(d) something else

If (a), then it's quite straightforward.  Use WinZip or similar to
compress the executables and bundle them with any documentation.  Upload
the zip file to your website, and create hyperlinks to it.

If (b), then decide what kind(s) of games you are going to offer and
whether you plan to offer remote multiplayer facilities.  Then decide
what to use to implement the games on this basis.  You needn't use the
same option for everything, but make sure it's clear to everyone what
each game uses (so they know what browser settings/plugins they need).
The possibilities, depending on these factors, can include:

- plain HTML (can do the likes of mazes with one page per room, but not
much else)
- JavaScript
- Java
- Flash
- Shockwave

Once you've got that far, someone may be able to help you on an
appropriate 'group.


My e-mail is valid but not my primary mailbox.  Please keep replies on
the 'group where everyone may benefit.

Thanks Stewart

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