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Re: "game programming"

Am 11.10.2010 23:48, schrieb dorayme:

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I need something like a ball and some runners not more than 4 at one
time (its not soccer but the best thing to explain was soccer ;-)
a gif might be possible. How good are
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Doing gif animations is no problem, and it was my first idea.
I will get the data (which image and when there must be a new one) from
a database with php in both cases (GIF and Flash Player)
  If you know Flash, you can do the whole
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I tried a little bit with it but I have no experience. A frined of mine
has the Adobe CS5 package (I think -Flash Professional or Flash builder
or both), maybe its helpful..

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I think the most problem with gif is that there must be any frequent
refresh, not depending whether there are changes or not.
I am not familar with flash player but maybe there could be any funktion
to wait for a new event without rebuilding the background.
On the other hand nobody needs to load a flash player with animated
gifs. The biggest image would be the background, but this would be
available in the cache.


Re: "game programming"

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Gif animations loop, you can set how many times when making the
gif from 1 loop to infinite. But remember that the user also can
set limits to the looping in some browser.

If this background is a decoration, make it so it looks nice even
if it is not moving. You might have to think a little out of the
square to make it a bit abstract and faint (with few colours) to
reduce the size of it.


Re: "game programming"

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Can you describe what you want to do in a little more detail please?

Do you want to make a one player soccer game where the person browsing
your site can play some kind of soccer game?

In real time (eg they move the player around with the arrow keys or
something) or turn by turn (eg you give them some options and they
click the option they want to do, the game updates, you give them some
options etc.)

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