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We have a client who is using FrontPage 2000, he is having trouble setting
up a website, and we have no idea how to setup FrontPage.  Our server has
FrontPage Extions and FTP.

I am looking for a website that will help me guide him thorugh setting up a
website for editing in frontpage.

Jeremy Ross

Re: FrontPage Setup Help

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You can go to:

There will be a search box in the upper right corner, enter:
    frontpage 2000 tutorial

Re: FrontPage Setup Help

Gazing into my crystal ball I observed "Jeremy Ross"

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I would seriously try to get your client away from FrontPage.  If you are
going to be doing anything server side, and your client tries to make an
edit, the page will go to _ell in a hand basket.  

Adrienne Boswell
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Re: FrontPage Setup Help

Jeremy Ross wrote:
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Easy.  Go to "My Computer", then "Control Panel", then "Add and Remove
Programs".    Find "Front Page" in the list there and double-click.

This will "set up" Front Page just the way it ought to be set up...
that is, removed completely from your system so that it can't harm any
of your Web sites!  :-)


Re: FrontPage Setup Help

Dan wrote:
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Dan is right.

FP 2000? NAH!

However, FP 2003 is great! If you know html well enough. It's not bad
WYSIWYG, great tool for tables and css, BUT... you will have to correct
his coding manually. He will be not protesting at all.

Also, use CuteFTP or any other FTP program and don't rely on FP
directory structure.

I have found FP 2003 the best and the simplest tool for web pages.

Has great table tools and works great in css as well, there modes of
displaying - Design (WYSIWYG) Split - can see Design and Code, Code (Of
course) and Preview which basically is IE.

On top you can open Firefox just to compare for differences and refresh
it after every changes and... learn damn code!


Re: FrontPage Setup Help

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Get him to start FP, then press F1.

Hywel /
I do not eat quiche.

Re: FrontPage Setup Help

Hywel Jenkins ... output:

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But this is not a website.


Re: FrontPage Setup Help

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         The previous contribution/comment was a tongue-in-cheek suggestion
to use the help files in the Front Page software.

Here's some FP links. Hopefully, I've listed them in some order of
precedence which will assist you.
The frontpagewebamster site at one time was really good. I haven't visited
there since I abandoned FP.;en-us;Fp2000 / / /

Re: FrontPage Setup Help

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tongue-in-cheek? I know - F1 in FP.

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Thank you very much but I don't use FP. Actually I never use any WYSIWYG
Editor. I know a little bit FP with this frameset editor and a little bit
DW, a very little bit HomeSite but now I just use a text editor (Notepad,

You have to assist Jeremy:


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