Frameset problem, help!

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Hi there,

Can someone analyse my website and tell me why my
frameset doesn't work properly?

When I click on the links in the left frame, a new window opens instead
of my mainFrame.



Re: Frameset problem, help!

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I don't think you really want to know that... But here's a starter:

   FRAME: topFrame
   FRAME: leftFrame
   FRAME: mainFrame

If this is what your browser spoke to you, what idea would you get
about the site, and which of the frames would you select?

Read my lips: no frames. No, I don't mean <noframes> (though it would
mean a marginal improvement).
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This is somewhat obscure, but browsers are known to treat frame names
as case sensitive. You have use name="mainFrame" in the <frame> tag but
target="mainframe" in some links, and popular browsers then regard
"mainframe" as a new name and create a new window. On IE 6, if you only
follow links with target="mainFrame", they open in the frame, but - for
some odd reason - once you have followed a link with target="mainframe"
and thereby created a new window, then even the links with the right
spelling start opening new windows. This normally does not happen
(normally browsers re-use the newly opened window when you follow links
with the same target attribute value), so I'm a bit puzzled.

But if you stop using frames, you stop creating problems like that. You
don't need any fancy navigation. Just a handful of links on the main
page, and links back to the main page from the subpages.

Yucca, /
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Re: Frameset problem, help!

John Smith wrote:
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Frame names/targets are case-sensitive, so be sure you are consistent.
From the code of your menu:
a href="nl/search.aspx" target="mainframe"
search.aspx (Zoek & Boek) is the only page that opens in a new window, the
others have the right "target".

Of course, all those problems can be avoided by not using frames...

Inger Helene Falch-Jacobsen /

Re: Frameset problem, help!

John Smith wrote in message ...
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The name of your Frame in the HTML is mainFrame.

But your link in your menu points to target="mainframe"

If you change that in your menu to target= "mainFrame" it will work  :~)

Just a case of a *CAPITAL* F.

Re: Frameset problem, help!

On Sun, 08 Feb 2004 01:14:53 +0200, John Smith <"John Smith"

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You forgot the First Rule of Frames: don't use them!



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