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I just thought I'd post this for any that care.  I'm sure it has been
explained before.

This topic deals with the differences in framesets between IE (Internet
Explorer) and Firefox.

Why framesets?
Well they may be a pain to program with, but they provide a nice

I recently spend a handful of minutes trying to determine the
differences between how IE handles  framesets versus how Firefox does.

Framesets have a few non-standard properties that are relevant here.


These attributes are not documented on W3C, but firefox and IE both
understand them.

This attribute tells the browser to render a border on the frames or
not.  It can have a value of 0 or 1.  0 = hide borders, 1 = show

This attribute is only understood by IE.  It tells the browser how wide
to render the borders.  A wider border is easier to grab if the frames
allow resize.

This attribute is understood by IE and Firefox.  However, IE will
override this value if the framespacing value is present.

This attribute tells the browser to render the borders with the given

Then, on top of that IE actually renders the borders a few pixels wider
than Firefox.  So a border="5" will render at around 7 or 8 on IE and 5
on Firefox.  We can actually use these incompatibilities to our
advantage.  Take the following HTML:

<frameset rows="80px,*" frameborder="1" framespacing="3" border="5"
  <frame noresize="noresize" bordercolor="#C00000" />
  <frameset cols="100px, *">
      <frame />
      <frame />

This will render borders of equal sizes on both browsers.  Also, it is
important to note that though these attributes are properties of the
frame element, the browsers recognize them fine on the frameset
element.  Any frames or framesets child to a frameset inherit its
properties.  So adding these attributes to the root frameset
effectively gives us the options we want.

Go here to test this:

Hope this helped someone...

Re: Frameset Borders

In article wrote:

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Put the info at a URL and leave it there for those who are
interested in the quirks of frames, can bookmark it etc. Set up a
form for feedback in case you need to improve the info. Just
check that the issues and info is not set out in other
established tutes... and, I suppose, to spoil the party a bit,
read up on the disrepute that this fine form is in these days...


Re: Frameset Borders

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Yeah that was another option.  Google retains these usenet topics long
after they've been removed from usenet.  So this will be searchable for
some time to come.  Thanks for the feedback though.

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