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Is it possible to join two frames together seamlessly?

I have a page with two fames on it, the page is split horizontally.  I have
two tables, one on each frame and they line up.  I have no frame border.  I
have the bottom border on the top table and right left and bottom borders on
the lower table.

I cannot get this to look like one 'outlined' cell, I seem always to get a
one pixel blank where the frame split is.

Does anyone know a way to get rid of this?

Re: Frameset

Paul W Smith wrote:

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Hmm. I would suggest dumping the frames as they are not good at all for
search engion opptomization.
Then just stick with a 2 colum table instead.
Alternativly if you want to use the frame. You could maybe set 0
boarders on the frameset.
That might work.
Regards Chad.

Re: Frameset

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Interesting. Would you like to expand on that?

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Jake ( -- just a 'spam trap' mail address)

Re: Frameset

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A couple specific articles, check out the one from useIT.

Actually, getting frames to be search engine friendly isn't so hard,
if you take the time to do it. The usability is still pretty awful
though just as that article from 1996 points out (although the
browsers in use have certainly changed).

I've seen some JavaScript that can make bookmarking work, or even a
server side method could do a similar job by passing parameters on
the URL and building the framesets programatically.

Rob McAninch

Re: Frameset

Paul W Smith wrote:
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Why are you using frames here? The whole purpose of frames is to allow
independent parts of the window, but it looks as if you're using frames
for positioning instead. Whay aren't you using one big table or divs
with absolute css positioning?

As regards frame borders, although most of the syntax of frames is
standard and W3C standardised, frame borders are not, and it is very
tricky fuse two frames together without some residual spaceing,
especially if you're trying to make it browser independent.


Re: Frameset

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Yes, if I recall, you need to think carefully about the
background colours of the frames. If you go with all the same
(and white!), you stand the best chance. The space that some
browsers leave when you turn frame borders off can be defaulted
to white. (As TI once said, what's wrong with borders? They are
rather good in those situations where frames are at least prima
facie useful)

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