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I need to build a sitemap for a site  30 or so content pages within 4
different framesets.
is it possible to link to a specific page and have it load within its
correct frameset??
if so how?
thanks in advance

Re: frames question

scully wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it



However, if the following (which I 'borrowed' from someone else's site),
is placed in the head section of each content page (with appropriate
tailoring of the 'dingbase' variable) it will cause the page to
immediately reload within the specified frame.

<script type="text/javascript" LANGUAGE="Javascript">
var dingbase = "right_frames.html";
if (self == top) {
  top.location.replace(dingbase + this.location.hash);

Your sitemap link would then point to the content page.  When the
content page loaded, it would reload itself inside the specified frame.
Also, any search engine links to the content page would get the same result.

Note that this will work only if the user has JavaScript enabled.

This post should not be construed as an endorsement for the use of frames...

Chris Beall

Re: frames question

scully wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

Why do you NEED to do this?  I am not a frame hater by any means, but
this sounds like you have a bad design, and are headed for a train

Re: frames question

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Yes this is easy. You have your sitemap in an ordinary html page.
You link to whatever frameset you want. May I suggest a
management technique for this sort of thing:

Create a folder and put all your framesets in it.  For example,
you would have a frameset for dogs that had a content frame that
was different (in name and target) to the one about cats - the
header and left nav would be the same.There could be as many
framesets as possible pages - though as you approach this you
will start to seriously question the technology of frames you
have chosen.

Another thing, lose at least the header frame on your site, or
make it very small in height. I have just suffered - while away -
on a Windows machine with a 17' screen at 800 x 600 and believe
me, it is not nice. Maybe for the home page you can have a header
all fat as you want? But lose it for the site as you travel in,
stick maybe, a neat logo or essential info in your left frame.

Headers are almost always absurdly over-rated... people get sick
of seeing them you know, page after page, the same useless
lump... :), navigation, now that is usefully there always....


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