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I'm working on a website using frames.  I have one on the left hand side of
the screen which houses the menu links.  I then have a second frame set that
splits the rest of the screen into the top part which shows the website name
and details and then the second lower part of the screen which shows the
content of the page selected by the link in the first frame.

My problem is to do with resizeing.  If I start playing with the screen to
make it smaller, my frames resize themselves.  I have the no resize option
but it still happens.  I have specified sizes in pixels of the frames but I
wonder if the page is doing a % of it so when it is resized it uses a %
rather than keeping an actual size?

Ideally, the menu frame and the heading frame should not be able to change

Any ideas?



Migrated from frames to non-framed pages

Hi all,
    after a previous discussion on a different thread I decided to swith to
a non-framed structure.
With a bit more work I made it working again, but I have a one question to
complete/optimze the migration.
Frames were quite useful to lad non-html files keeping the menu. If I want
open some pdf files, now I am obliged to open them in a different browser
(because I want to keep the website at least on a different window). Is
there a way to include a pdf in a "virtual frame". I was writing website a
long time ago... I don't know if now there is some tag that could visualize
such a documents.


Re: Migrated from frames to non-framed pages

Gazing into my crystal ball I observed "Ale"

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IMHO, the best thing to do is to include a link to the PDF file that the
user can choose to open or save.

Adrienne Boswell
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Re: Migrated from frames to non-framed pages

I know and I do... but should be much nicer. or let me say, I prefer, to
have a menu at hand or a caption... I will eventually link to a loader
page... something as this.

HOwever I read aobut iframe and objects inclusions... it seems at the moment
are not enough standard yet...

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Re: Migrated from frames to non-framed pages

Ale wrote:
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You can do it with iframes, but I would advise against it. It will only
work if the user's browser can display PDFs (through the plug-in for
example), and even then it will look very strange because the standard
PDF plug-in adds extra buttons to the interface, which will appear at
the top of the iframe (and possibly scroll out of view when the iframe
is scrolled, though I'm not sure about this - you may end up with an
extra scrollbar below the extra buttons).

Safalra (Stephen Morley) /

Re: Frames

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