Frame problem in Explorer but not in Firefox

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Hi guys,

If you take a look at in firefox
everything works perfect. But if I open it in explorer, when I hover
over a frame it sort of selects it, you guys can check it out for
yourself to see. Problem is in IE it takes like 2-3 clicks to go to a
section, like if the frame had to be selected by a click first and then
chosen, and in Firefox 1rst click works perfect.

Anyone got an idea of what may cause this ?


Re: Frame problem in Explorer but not in Firefox

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Flash was not meant to be the entire web page.
What if I don't have flash and don't want it?
what if I have my javascript turned off?
You got a backup plan?
For what you're presenting, standard html will do just fine. Learn it.

Re: Frame problem in Explorer but not in Firefox wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

If by "perfect" (sic) you mean, no links appear, then yeah,
congratulations. All I get is a Flash movie (white woman sitting on a
lawn, or black woman sitting at an outdoor cafe, some medieval painting,
some people outside a wine shop) and EYELOOK.BIZ in the upper-right
corner. I find no clickable links in the Flash picture, either while
it's still panning, or after it settles to just a still photo.

I don't see any of the frames you mentioned (not that I'm complaining,
really). Your source says you've got a form in a div, but it's
visibility: hidden; that may be why I don't see it.

I get the same results with javascript turned on or off. FF 1.0.7 on XP.

I can't even tell what your site is about. Photos? Eyecare?


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