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I design a web page that uses frames. I have 3 horizontals frames and the
middle frame containts two vertical frames. Like this:

-2- -3-

The frame 1 will contain the page tile, the frame 2 will contain a menu and
frame 3 will show what the user has selected in the menu. What I would like
is that the frame 3 adjust its height with the contents instaid of showing
the scrollbar.

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Ok, Is it possible to have a iframe that ajust its height with its content?


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Sorry, I start leaning html this morning...

Here's what I want to do.

I need a header, a footer and two colums in the center. The left colum is a
menu with 3 items and the right colum is where the 3 different item info
will appear. The info that will appear, will be selected in the menu. You
inderstand, right?

I want a footer that is pushed down by the content. I could make 3 different
complete pages... But if I need to change the header or footer after, I will
have to modifi the 3 page!

What tool should I use?

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Zang wrote:
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Then stop immediately - just for a minute.

Where did you learn about frames this morning?  Whoever/whatever[1] you are
using as a learning tool should be removed from your field of reference with
immediate effect.

There is no valid reason why a student (in HTML) should be learning about
framesets in 2003 - it is ancient technology and only useful in a very small
(insignificant - close to zero) number of applications.  The so-called
benefits of using frames are based on incorrect assumptions aka rumour,
speculation and gossip.  Plug this: "frames are evil" into your favourite
search engine if you care to research the issue further.

Welcome to alt.html - have fun.

[1] If it is a book then burn it; if a web site then remove it from your
'favourites' and block it at the fire-wall; if a person then please explain
to them what you have been told here - they are welcome to come and discuss
the issue.
William Tasso -

Re: Frame height

You understand what I want to do? Can you suggest me something. Thanks

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Re: Frame height

Thanks alot, I will check the ways you describe me!

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Re: Frame height

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Not possible.


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