formular problem in html project

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I have incorporated to my site a formular for contact purposes. But as I
checked the formular the mail (with correct contents) opens the
e-mail-client for sending it. This is not what I want. The mail
generated through the form shall be send directly to me without opening
the e-mail-client of the sender. How can I do this?

This is the form code:
method="post" target="_self" accept-charlist="iso-8859-1"
enctype="text/plain" name="Formular">
<!--Erstes Feld: E-Mail-Adresse; Muss eingegeben werden-->
     <label for="EMailEingabe" id="EMailLabel"
class="EFeldLabel">E-Mail-Adresse:&nbsp;<span class="Stern">*</span>&nbsp;
     <input type="Text" name="EMailEingabe" id="EMailEingabeID" value=""
size="40" maxlength="60" class="EFeld" />
<!--Zweites Feld: Name des Absenders; Muss eingegeben werden-->
     <label for="NameEingabe" id="NameLabel" class="EFeldLabel">Vorname
Nachname:&nbsp;<span class="Stern">*</span>&nbsp;
     <input type="Text" name="NameEingabe" id="NameEingabeID" value=""
size="40" maxlength="60" class="EFeld" />
<!--Drittes Feld: Wohnadresse -Strae; Optional-->
     <label for="StrasseEingabe" id="StrasseLabel"
class="EFeldLabel">Strae:&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp;
     <input type="Text" name="StrasseEingabe" id="StrasseEingabeID"
value="Keine Strasse" size="40" maxlength="60" class="EFeld" />
<!--Viertes Feld: Wohnadresse -Ort mit PLZ; Optional-->
     <label for="OrtEingabe" id="OrtLabel" class="EFeldLabel">PLZ und
     <input type="Text" name="OrtEingabe" id="OrtEingabeID" value="Kein
Ort" size="40" maxlength="60" class="EFeld" />
<!--Fnftes Feld: Wohnadresse -Land; Optional-->
     <label for="LandEingabe" id="LandLabel"
     <input type="Text" name="LandEingabe" id="LandEingabeID"
value="Kein Land" size="40" maxlength="40" class="EFeld" />
<!--Sechstes Feld: Der Text des Ganzen; Muss eingegeben werden-->
     <label for="TextEingabe" id="TextLabel" class="EFeldLabel">Text der
Nachricht:&nbsp;<span class="Stern">*</span>&nbsp;
     <textarea name="TextEingabe" id="TextEingabeID" cols="30" rows="12"
<!--Die Buttons am Schluss-->
     <label for="Button" id="ButtonLabel" class="EFeldLabel">Was soll
nun geschehen?
     <input type="Submit" name="SendButton" id="SendButtonID"
value="Absenden" class="Button" />
     <input type="reset" name="ResetButton" id="ResetButtonID"
value="Zurcksetzen" class="Button" />

The id and class-attribs in the code are for the external css used for it.

Can anyone help me?

If there is anywhere here an answer fitting to my problem please excuse
the new post and tell me where to find it. I checked for matching posts
but I didn't find any.

greetings an thanks


Re: formular problem in html project

Manfred Preuig wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it
Here is your problem. Don't send the form, the "action" parameter, to
"mailto". "mailto" requires the visitor have an email client, if it
works at all! You need to have the "action" point to a mail sending
script that runs on your server, like PHP, Perl, ASP, Python...

The server-side script then takes all the info you collected in your
form and builds the email and send it to your through your hosting
company's mail-server.

Take care,


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