formular input fields blocked for some sec ...

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Don't know, if anyone can help me with that phenomenon.
In IE8 (after one of the last patches in the last 6 months) and in Firefox =
after updating to 10 I get this behaviour and I am not sure if this is norm=
al or not.=20

It's a webapplication with oracle database in the back. Communication works=
 per pl/sql. Server send back js-rendered html-code to show the result. Res=
ult is often in a new window. Result-Page often has formular fields. Especi=
ally textarea fields are now blocked for some seconds or the cursor will no=
t be shown in it although I can write there.=20
Has this to do with the new versions or is this a virus scanner problem whi=
ch is proving the script file or just another thing?

Thanks Joerg

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