Forms losing their input

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I have a form that requires the person filling it out to respond to all of
the 50 fields.  If they miss one, they get a screen that tells them to go
back and complete the form.

Every now and then, someone misses a response, goes back to the form ... and
all of their inputs are gone.  As if the form had been reset.  MOST times it
has no problem.

Can anyone tell me 1. what's going on and 2. haow can I prevent it from

Thanks for any help.


Re: Forms losing their input

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The form is probably behaving correctly.  When the page loads the fields
are blank, so unless you're using some server-side processing, or are
setting the "value" attribute, to pre-populate the fields why would the
form be filled in?

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Re: Forms losing their input

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They're filled in because the person for the most part completed the form.
Maybe 48 out of 50 questions.  Testing the form, when I hit SUBMIT and it
indicates that I missed say #15 and #26, then I hit the BACK button the form
is still mostly filled in.

I guess, if their browser is set to refresh the page everytime it opens then
I can see why it would be blank, but just hitting the BACK button should
leave the 48 responses ... shouldn't it?

If that's what it is, is there a way to prevent the page from refreshing?


Re: Forms losing their input

declared in alt.html:
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There is nothing in the specs to say either way. It may depend on the
browser's cache settings, but I doubt it.

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They shouldn't have to go back in the first place. Your form handler
should check that the form is completed correctly, and if not, take them
back to that page automatically, with everything filled in as they
submitted it. Then you know it will always work.

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Re: Forms losing their input

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When the user hits submit, instead of going to a page that says "You missed
#15 and #26 - Press BACK on your browser to go back!", you should instead
post back to the form itself and highlight which questions they missed and
fill the data fields with what the user entered the first time around

Re: Forms losing their input

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It largely depends on the client (browser).  A better thing to do would
be to accept the form submission, process it server-side, and return a
new form with the entered values already in there and the missing values
hilighted in some way.

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