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Does anyone know which property to add to a tag in order to enter a specific
text in a field that the user cannot change?

Re: Forms

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you could use: readonly or disabled.

e.g. <input name="blahdeblah" value="blah" readonly>

but they don't prevent the visitor from changing the fields. your normal
server side validation needs to be used to pick up icky bits.

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Re: Forms

On Mon, 19 Apr 2004 21:40:42 -0500, Annika Juul wrote:

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If the user can't change it it's not very well a form field, is it?  Use
normal text.  If you're using a textarea to get a small, scrolling region
consider using a more appropriate container with the overflow CSS property
set to 'auto'.  Or don't; the browser comes with a scrollbar for a reason.

If you need to pass a value to the client to be passed back to the server,
consider using a cookie or a hidden (not disabled) field; both can still
be changed by a sufficiently interested user, and must be verified (as
brucie points out).

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Re: Forms

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You can use either the "readonly" or "disabled" attributes.
However, it is a pretty big usability problem to display a form element that
cannot be changed.
How about using <input type="hidden"> for the element instead? This will
prevent the user from even seeing the element and thinking they can change


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