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Hi all:

I have about 60 input fields in this form, and I'm trying to set it to print
these fields in a certain order using the sort command.  For lack of a
better idea, I'm numbering each field = ORDER:F1,F2,F3,F4, etc.

Within the form there are also a number of comment fields which contain 4 or
more lines for text input but these comment fields begin with <textarea
name=     rather than <input name=
I'd like to include the textareas along with the regular fields within my
sort order.  Can I do that?

My question is: Will the sort command pick up the <textarea name="F36" - and
sort it? Is there a better way?

Here is a part of my form:

<div align="right">
                <font size="2">Phone:</font>
<td width="210"><input name="F23" size="30"></td>
            <td width="135">
              <div align="right">
                <font size="2">Comments</font>:
            <td rowspan="3"><textarea name="F36" rows="4"
            <td width="135">
              <div align="right">
                <font size="2">DOB:</font>
            <td width="210"><input name="F24" size="30"></td>

I wanted to check with you just so I don't have to renumber or rename these
all over again and again . . .
Thanks so much,

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