form submit with ssl

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i have a checkout-form asking how the customer wants to check out the
products in the main-frame of a frameset in my shopping-cart application.
The next page is customer information (name, address...).

To have this information encrypted, i asked for it via checkout-form:
<form name="checkout" action=" "
target="mainFrame" method="POST">

Because it is in the main frame, the url in browser stands and in the status-bar you cant see the lock
closed as secure-sign, but the normal open lock.

I tested in netscape 7, and all form submissions (e.g. putting something in
the basket) came with a confirm ("This form isn't encrypted... do you want
to continue), also the form called "checkout".
But when i submit the customer-form, this confirm doesn't exist, so i think,
everything goes like i want and the form is encrypted.

But how can i check, whether it is, or it is not, when i cant see a lock in
the status-bar.
And even if i know, it's encrypted, it would be good for the customers to
know about that as well.

Because of a lot variables to work here (most of them are session-variables)
i can't break out of the frameset to call my form directly here.

thanks for any help about that,
Martin Nadoll

Re: form submit with ssl

Martin Nadoll said:

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says it all really /

12/December/2003 09:52:48 pm kilo

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