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Hi All.

I have a form element which is 'select multiple'.

Strange thing is, this does not behave as a multiple select.

I don't have this published anywhere at the moment to demonstrate.

The form is also posting binary data for upload to the server. Could the
enctype be causing the problem? This form works works fine when just
used on a 'standard' form not posting binary data.

The binary data is collected via the persits asp upload component, could
this be the issue?

For debugging the form data I have just used:

response.write SubCat

Output always displays the first value option and this is before any
form processing has occured.

Relevant HTML is as follows.

<form action="/Process.asp" method="post" enctype="multipart/form-data">

<select name="intSubCat" size="6" multiple>
  <option value="1">option1
  <option value="2">option2
  <option value="3">option3
  <option value="4">option4
  <option value="5">option5
  <option value="6">option6
  <option value="7">option7
  <option value="8">option8

Any insights would be greatly appreciated.


Re: Form select multiple question

Si wrote:

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Should not

Probably an ASP issue. Perhaps you have to use another method to get all
submitted values as a list. Or it may works similar to PHP where you have
to name the select as intSubCat[] in order to tell PHP that it should
expect more than one value.
Anyway, ask you local ASP guru.

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You might change the form method to "get" - just to test, if the problem is
really in the server-side code. If you select multiple options and submit,
the URL should look like

Benjamin Niemann
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Re: Form select multiple question

Gazing into my crystal ball I observed Si

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IIRC, Persits does not allow other form data within the same form, or it is
in a different collection.  Check the Persists help files.

Adrienne Boswell
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