Form's output dumping to a file.

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I know this has to be simple, but i just dont know enough about forms to
know how to do it.

I wasn to seup a form that will simply take the values entered in the
fields and place them into a file stored on the server that the web page
is located in.

for example (on a unix server)
web page file:
text file:

form.html has 3 text boxes, and a submit button.

text has a pre-formated column sort of setup
col1    col2    col3

I wan the values in form.html to be placed in the text file once the
submit button is pressed

so say you enter 1 in box 1 in the form, and 2 in box 2 and then 3 in
box 3, after clicking on the submit button you end up with the text file
looking like this.
col1    col2    col3
1    2    3

Thanks for any help!

Re: Form's output dumping to a file.

On Thu, 17 Jul 2003 20:19:55 +0000, Nathan wrote:

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And if person number two submits the form, do you want their values
appended at the end of the file, or to overwrite the first person's

Also, what server-side scripting languages do you have access to?
CGI/Perl? CGI/bash? PHP?

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Re: Form's output dumping to a file.

It should append to the end of the file.
I have root on the server, so i technically have access to whatever i
want.  Its my own server.
I;d like to do this using Perl if possible.  Thats one of the languages
that i'd like to learn, and know practically nothing about.  Seems like
a good start to me.
Toby A Inkster wrote:
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