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For a quick change to a form I now no longer want for online
submission, I stripped it of lots of stuff including the submission
input button leaving roughly:


<p>Book(s)/Journal Issue<br><input type="Text" size="80"></p>

<p>Copies<br><input type="Text" size="8"></p>

<p>USD Total Amount<br><input type="Text" size="16"></p> ...

<p>Surname<br><input type="Text"></p>

<p>Address<br><input type="Text" size="60"></p> ...

<p><input type="radio" value="something">Something <input type="radio"
value="somethingelse">Something else</p> ...

<p><input type="reset" value="Reset this form"></p>


Two questions:

(1) Under a 4.01 transitional DTD, it validates as far as I see. It is
the simplest change I can make from what was there before but if there
is something very bad (that I don't know) about - and I don't know much
about forms at all - I would at least like to know to assess whether to
change things about, maybe even not use a form (I like the reset button
and I like not thinking how else to change what I had, which was a real
working form with actions and stuff).

In case you want to know: I do not want an online submit any more and
want it for printing or cutting and pasting. The reset function is

(2) I should look it up or think more but if anyone feels charitable:
please remind me or suggest how to allow someone to print that form
without printing other stuff on the same web page. A print css sheet in
addition to the main css... ?


Re: form question

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Re: form question

Shabam wrote:

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Who wants to *what* by some t-shirts?
I've never done anything by a t-shirt afair.

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Re: form question

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And you go on to ask possibly the most unclear q ever posted. I can't even
understand what exactly you are asking and I have absolute access to your
alleged brain. Next time, be a little clearer and post a URL, you should
know this by now. Get a grip, mate.


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