Form not passing data?

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Below is some ASP, HTML and javascript. It is part of a page used to
maintain a small database. This code did work at one time, but has since
stopped. For some reason the data on my form is not being passed to the page
specified in the Action property of the form.

The first block is the data located near the middle of the body of my main
page. Each "row" has an OnClick event that calls the function in the second

The second block of code calls a javascript function in the page located on
an IFrame on this page and then makes the IFrame visible.

The third block is located in the IFrame page. It should list all the values
passed from a form POSTed to this page.

The fourth block is located in another ASP file situated in an IFrame on the
main page. This IFrame is not visible until the javascript in the third
block is executed by clicking a row located in the second block of code. It
contains a hidden form used to pass data back to ASP code on this page.

The final block is also located on the IFrame page. It loads values onto a
hidden form within this page and then submits the form. This is where I'm
having a problem... When this code is called, the Alert function shows the
proper value for "key", and the SUBMIT occurs as expected, but the
subEdit.asp page does not recieve any form value - All I get is "Start -><-

Am I overlooking something obvious here?

<span id="72" class="row" onmouseover="SelectAgent('72','Anne Agent')"
onclick="editAgent('72');" >
 <span class="item" style="width: 10em;"><span class="data">Anne
<span id="69" class="row" onmouseover="SelectAgent('69','Al Over')"
 <span class="item" style="width: 10em;"><span class="data">Al

// Edit an agent ------------------------------------------------
function editAgent(key) {
//Retrieve agent info and make IFRAME visible

<%'Located near the beginning of the subEdit.asp page.
response.Write "START ->"
for each name in Request.Form
  response.Write & " - " & name.value & "<br />" & vbcrlf
response.Write "<- END"

<script type="text/javascript" language="javascript">
// Load agent key & activity onto form and
submit ------------------------------------------------
function getAgent(key) {
  document.forms("actionForm").Key.value = key;

<form name="actionForm" id="actionForm" method="POST" action="subEdit.asp"
style="display: none;">
 <input type="text" name="Key" id="Key" value="">
 <input type="text" name="Name" id="Name" value="">
 <input type="text" name="ToDo" id="ToDo" value="">

Re: Form not passing data?

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I copied my code to a different machine and it works as expected, so I can
only assume that IIS is configured differently on the first machine.


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