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I only use forms as input and output to javascripts. Many times I use
innerhtml to write to a <div> for output. I don't know of an
alternative for input.

I sometimes have problems if I use method="post" and just leave it off.
The browser tried to reload the page after the script ran.  Sometimes I
am able to even leave off <form> and </form>. Could someone explain
when form and method are actually needed?

I responded in comp.lang.javascript to "Adding to fields with
onchange". I had to leave "method=" out to get it to work without
trying to reload the page.

Dennis Marks /
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Re: Form Method?

Dennis Marks wrote:
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Forms fields serve as input for the program after the action="program"
in the <form> tag

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The input is sent as either method="post" or method="get"

Get sends the input via the url like this

And post send the input as a data stream to the program.

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