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I'm experiencing a problem sending the results of a form to one of my
clients, and I can't figure it out.  

Here's the situation:

When I make the recipient of the on-line form (through FormMail.cgi) a
certain e-mail address, mine for example, everything works fine. Now, my
client has two email addresses. When I make the recipient on the form
one of his e-mail adresses, again, everything works fine. However, when
I make the recipient his other e-mail address, a address
(the one he wants to use), it WILL NOT go through and he doesn't receive
it. But if I e-mail him straight through my Eudora software to his account, he receives THAT e-mail, no problem.

He uses Outlook Express (not sure which version). Could OE be filtering
the form contents because it thinks it's spam or something? I'm kinda
stumped on this one. Any help/suggestions would be MUCH appreciated.


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Re: Form/E-mail Problem

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Does the SBC Global account have webmail logins?  If so, he can just login
and see if it is there, or in a bulk mail folder or whatever.  If it is,
then it is something with OE....else there is something else going on.
Firstly, I would check the spelling of everything, and perhaps it is case
sensitive?  Else, maybe there is something funky in the CGI file...

Re: Form/E-mail Problem

Henry wrote:

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Do your e-mails (from Eudora) and your website's e-mails (through the CGI
script) use the same SMTP server?

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