Form Debugging?

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I'm trying to debug a form handler (written in PHP) and in the past
I've used a tool like cg-eye at
to test things like this.

However now cg-eye doesn't seem to be sending form data to my form
processing script.

I've looked around to see if there are any other online tools that let
you specify a URL to submit a request to, along with a list of field
name / value pairs, and that then shows the result, but I can't find
anything!  There are plenty of HTTP header viewers, but they don't let
you submit form data with the request.

I've also tried looking for a program that I could run locally on my
computer but couldn't find anything suitable (plenty of sniffers but
nothing that would submit a request).

Does anyone know of anything that I could use for this kind of thing?

Re: Form Debugging?

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print_r( $_POST );

Re: Form Debugging?

While the city slept,  Nik Coughlin feverishly typed:

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Ahh, the wonder of print_r() :-) And to make the output a little more

echo "<pre>\n";
echo "</pre>\n";


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Re: Form Debugging?

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Thanks for your help but I should maybe have included a bit more info
on what I'm trying to achieve.

I want something that will show me the raw HTTP headers and data that
is flowing into and out of my script.

The Cg-Eye utility that I mentioned in my original post is intended to
do this, but for some reason it's not working at the moment.  If you
have a look at Cg-Eye you'll see what I mean.

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