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If any designers have had experience with foreign-language (non-latin font)
display on websites, I would appreciate some input.  I have some pages in
hebrew, hindi & gujerati characters that do not display properly on Mac's
using IE 5.2.3. In other languages, the page displayed properly, but the
metatag (ie <title>) was gibberish. This particular Mac had it's IE pref's
updated to include font support for those specific languages. This may be a
minor share of user-demographics, but it still affects a significant number
of visitors.  I've tested the pages on the latest 3 versions of IE, FF &
Opera for PC, and no display problems at all.

Since the language & font display issue is multi-dimensional and complex
problem, I don't expect any easy answers, but I thought that since the
problem seems to apply to a narrow band of platform/browser users, that
there might be a simple workaround for that particular user group.
Unfortunately, I didn't have a chance to try secondary browsers on the Mac.

In other enquiries I've posted, I've had answers and opinions that point to
a large number of possible variables, from fonts installed on visitor's
computer systems, browser font support on users systems, to <lang> tags,
proper css, proper char coding with &#xxx; , and on and on.

I'd appreciate any input from those familiar with localization issues on
various platforms & browsers.



Re: foreign language display issues

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Is your question about IE5.2/Mac, "secondary browsers" (which means?) on
the Mac, or localization issues on various platforms & browsers?

IE 5.2/Mac is a pretty outdated browser, and I don't know that it is
capable of displaying non-Latin text in the browser. It failed to
display Cyrillic for me when other browsers on the same platform had no
trouble. Separate question: do you really have that many people using


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Re: foreign language display issues

Gary wrote:

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IE 5.2.3 is both ancient and unsupported -- both Microsoft and Apple
recommend against its use:
    | It is recommended that Macintosh users migrate to more recent
    | web browsing technologies such as Apple's Safari.
    | Microsoft Internet Explorer doesn't come with Mac OS X 10.4
    | Tiger.
    | For your Internet surfing needs, we include Safari.

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Yes you did -- you tried IE.

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