forcing horizontal div scrolling

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Hi, i have a blog and every new post appears in a <td> within a table.
This table is contained within a <div> and I was wondering if there was
anyway of forcing the <div> to scroll side horizontaly!  This would help
as my blog displays the 8 newest posts.  Many thanks in advance!

Re: forcing horizontal div scrolling

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You can us CSS to achieve (more or less) what you are after.

First you need to give your div a class

<div class="scroller"><table> ........ </table></div>

Then in the head have the following code:

<style type="text/css"><!--

div.scroller {
height: 75px;
width: 200px;
overflow: auto;

div.scroller table {
height: 55px;
margin: 0;


The dimensions of the div will be fixed at 75x200px.  If the table is larger
than that the div will sroll in which ever direction it needs to.

If the table (plus scroll bar) is less high than the div, but wider then it
will scroll horizontally.

I've made the height of the table small enough to allow for the scroll bar.

Hope this helps.

Richard Quick

Re: forcing horizontal div scrolling

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I was always taught that horizontal scrolling == 'bad'. I believed it
when I surfed the net at 640x480 until a couple of months ago. Now I
think that tables == 'bad' with my much higher resolution and most
tables fixed to a resolution much smaller. Can't you dump the table
layout and go for any-size-design? I realize that most Perl and PHP
books love to show you how to dump vars in a table cell. But it doesn't
need to be that way.


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